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The business and social landscape in India has dramatically changed over the past two decades. The customer is spoilt for choice, lifestyles has improved. Businesses have become technology driven and customer-friendly. Processes across industries have become lean, mean and efficient. And yet… there are vast swathes of Indian industry especially in the SME sector (Small and Medium Enterprises) that are untouched by the sweeping changes that have engulfed the larger players.

In these sectors, the struggle is to become more technology-driven, to adapt to the internet area, to partake of the global marketplace.

Infinijewel Synergies Pvt. Ltd has the solutions!



Promoted by young, passionate minds from within the industry and outside, InfiniJewel is an answer to the yearning of the industry for modernity, excellence and efficiency within the framework set in stone by tradition.

The vision of Infinijewel Synergies Pvt. Ltd is to synergise tradition with modernity, to synergize what is good in the existing practices with the efficiencies that technology brings in order to empower its customers, clients, factors and associates to reach out to the global marketplace.



It will be the constant endeavour of Infinijewel Synergies Pvt. Ltd to:

  • Modernize without compromising on tradition
  • Serve in an enabling manner
  • Synergize existing technology platforms to create innovative solutions


Meet the Team

Swayambodh Jain

Swayambodh Jain

GIA Alumni. Hailing from a family of jewellers, Mr. Jain seeks to synergize conventional business practices with modern technology to offer solutions for the Internet era. Infinijewel is an attempt in that direction to help businesses in the organized sector become more organized.

Roshan Kumar

Roshan Kumar

As a self-motivated jeweller, Mr.Roshan has strong love and passion for jewellery. He discovered early about the wonders technology can do by marrying it to traditional jewellery-making practices. Backed by personal experience, he understands what it takes to meld technology into tradition.

Suresh Paladugu

Suresh Paladugu

A technology evangelist and entrepreneur, Mr. Paladugu's experience spans Fortune 500 companies. He oversees technology decisions including platform creation, project execution, technology strategy and providing future-proof solutions for the industry through Infini's services.

Sadiq Kazi

Sadiq Kazi

A retailing and marketing professional backed with solid two decades of frontline retail experience, Mr. Kazi brings to Infinijewel his expertise and domain knowledge to design and execute front-end processes, and strategize and market the brand Infini.


  • Mr. Mahendra Chordia, Mumbai
  • Mr. Rajesh Jain, Mumbai
  • Mr. Sekhar Gadi, California
  • Mr. Sandeep Dugar, Mumbai
  • Mr. Fazlemalak, Navi Mumbai
  • Mr. Rohan Ranadive, Navi Mumbai
  • Mr. Lalit Jain, Chennai



UDANglobal is a not-for-profit initiative aimed at helping organizations process data efficiently through digitization. As a multi-industry, globally accessible system, UDANglobal looks to establish standards in everyday trade that will enable companies across geographies, industries and economic scales to speak the same business language and compete on a level playing field.

Capturing requisite data as a unique 16-digit alpha numeric embedded as a QR code, UDAN enables quick and seamless flow of product-related information through the supply chain from manufacturer to retailer to end-user, thereby enhancing productivity and efficiency at every stage of the value chain.



The biggest bottleneck in the jewellery sector is lack of adequate research and development. Either the industry is traditional in nature, or in the name of modernity, there is an attempt to emulate western creations. Infinijewel, through this initiative called ‘Tvastraa’ is a research and development hub that will help the jewellery industry at large in not only bring in the much-required innovation in jewellery-making practices, but will also help the industry in design-trend forecasting and incubating jewellery designers by providing them with physical infrastructure to bring their designs into the market.



An unprecedented and pioneering initiative, InfinipediaTM is a result of painstaking research, local business intelligence and a passion to offer a solution that will assist all the factors of the Indian jewellery industry – be it retailers, manufacturers, artists, designers or even jewellery design students who are the future of this business.

Infinipedia, as the name suggests, is like an encyclopedia of jewellery items made and sold across the diversity of India.

This vast project aims at standardising the communication between the diverse regions, geographies, cultures and techniques of the jewellery business and helps the industry interact and transact in a more efficient way.

Infinipedia not only builds a base that makes digitizing jewellery creations easier but also ensures that the jewellery industry is ready for the global marketplace.



The objective of Infinijewel is to bring together factors of various industries on one platform to formulate ways and means to help prepare for challenges in the technology-driven era. The motive is to exchange ideas, interact and transact knowledge in a manner that the solutions arrived at are based on consensus and acceptance.

One of Infinijewel’s endeavours to achieve these objectives is the Infinisummit.

Infinijewel has conducted three Infinisummit since its inception, bringing together stakeholders of the Indian jewellery industry on one physical platform to discuss initiatives that have the potential to revolutionize the sector.

The first Infinisummit held in late 2013 brought together major players from the wholesale segment of the Indian jewellery industry to deliberate on ways to improve the logistical efficiencies in the business.

The second Infinisummit held in early 2014 saw participation from select and major jewellery designers across the country to discuss creation of entrepreneurial culture in order to birth new jewellery brands in the marketplace.

The third Infinisummit held in late 2015 saw corporates and private entrepreneurs discuss ideas with leading certification lobbies, academicians and coloured stone/ gemstone agencies to standardize classification of gemstones.

All three events have given enviable traction to Infinijewel in ensuring adaptability and acceptance for its initiatives in the Industry and have paved the way to launch its products and services with immense credibility.

Going further, Infinijewel aims at organizing two Infinisummit every year to help evolve consensus to take rapid strides to modernize the jewellery industry.


Graphic Designer

Creates ads and edits photographs
Proficient in Corel & Photoshop

Experience: 1-2 Years
Job Type: Full Time

Sketch Artists

Excellent freehand drawing skills
Create realistic & semi-realistic images

Experience: 1-2 Years
Job Type: Full Time

H.O.D – Logistics

Setting up Logistics & Supply Chain Department Monitor and control
order cycle execution

Experience: 6-10 years
Job Type: Full Time

Logistics Associate

Manage order cycle to enhance business development & ensure sustainability & customer satisfaction

Experience: 3-5 years
Job Type: Full Time

Help Desk / Receptionist

Provide secretarial, clerical & administrative support Pleasing personality & good communication skills

Experience: 1-4 years
Job Type: Full Time

Customer Relationship

Operate telecom equipment & cordially handle calls
Good communication skills

Experience: 1 years
Job Type: Full Time

Content Writer

Develop & implement communication strategy Writing & publishing content to drive traffic for Company

Experience: 2-5 years
Job Type: Full Time

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